Changelogs are a medium with the potential to transform how we work.

What are changelogs?

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“Nikon 135mm f/2.8 lens test (3x enlargement)” by s58y is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Problem

Applying mountaineering strategies to startup building

How to fill a fundamental gap in your product dev process.

What is a “source-of-truth” (SoT) for product iterations”?

  1. an accurate timeline of when product changes went live, and
  2. metadata describing each change.

Why do product builders need a SoT?

  • Correlate past product changes with changes to business metrics. Need to figure out why that metric spiked or dropped? Look in the SoT.
  • Communicate product changes to internal stakeholders…

How product managers can help each other improve

“R-chie double structure arc diagram by Daniel Lai, Jeff Proctor, Jing Yun and Irmtraud Meyer” by dullhunk is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Exploring the connections between meditation and innovation

A visual framework for executing your ambitious product vision.

Now it’s easy to adapt the framework however you’d like.

You need a toolchain for reconciling your vision with reality.

  • “We’re making the world a better place through paxos algorithms for consensus protocols.”
  • “We’re making the world a better place though software defined data centers for cloud computing.”
  • “We’re making the world a better place through canonical data models to…

Applying the cognitive development of children to product management

Daniel Schmidt

CEO & co-founder of, a tool for tracking product launches. Maze designer at Author of

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